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Boilermakers date back to 1800s, however, well into the 1980s getting hurt on the job was an accepted risk. Committed to making safety the industry priority, the Boilermakers sought collaboration with Owners and Contractors, and created a Tripartite Alliance to collectively solve industry issues. An outcome of this group being formed included bringing safety and training to the forefront with the 1989 creation of the MOST Trust. Much was accomplished over the next 30 years and our craft witnessed great improvements: skill levels increased, injury rates decreased and Tripartite Conferences became the norm. Yet, even with these advances, issues still existed.

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Current Injury Rates
The story
'Good' Isn't
Good Enough

The Boilermakers responded with a code for all members to live by and follow. Just as Owners and Contractors developed standards of excellence to correspond with their own human performance programs, The Boilermaker Code and Creed empowers Boilermakers to be leaders that are highly skilled, safety-trained and responsible.

Lost Hours

The Boilermaker Creed

I am a Boilermaker.
I am a skilled craftsperson and a member of a team.
I serve my family, my crew, my local, my Union and my employer.
I serve a Brotherhood whose EXCEPTIONAL legacy spans over 130 years.
I honor those who came before me, my MENTORS.
I honor their struggle to provide me with a Union OPPORTUNITY.
I respect their knowledge, leadership and integrity.
I will show up on time, ready to work.
I will give quality work for quality pay.
I will honor the negotiated contract and let my stewards
and Union representatives do their jobs.
I will be responsible and accountable for my actions.
I will do it right the first time.
I am an excellent problem solver.
I am a guest at job sites and conduct myself accordingly.
I am constantly learning and sharing that knowledge.
I am always working safely and demand the same from those around me.
I am a guardian of craftsmanship and the Union way of life.
I am a part of a Brotherhood.
I am a Boilermaker.

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The story
Building a Better Boilermaker

As Boilermakers, we are committed to being safe, responsible partners whose skills and expertise are welcomed. While that may not have always been the case, The Boilermaker Code – the latest MOST Program – defines this commitment and reminds Boilermakers they are invited on job sites. This personal promise to self, crew, local and the Brotherhood is what it means to Live the Code.

The story
More than Words
on a Page

The Boilermaker Code offers a cultural shift that provides an historical account of our past that is shared with our membership. To be true leaders on job sites and true partners of our Tripartite, we must learn from our own history, and understand its economical and reputational impacts. The Code is not just a card to carry in a pocket; it is required training for all members to complete.


"(The training) that was presented talked about not only the Boilermakers, but it also talked about the contractor and the owner. The message I got out of it was that we're partners and we [all] have to succeed."

~Glenn Miltenberger, Kiewit VP, Operations and Labor

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The story
A Legacy for our collective Future

Boilermaker history began more than 130 years ago and our sustained progress throughout the years defines us. The Boilermaker Code illuminates our ongoing journey and strengthens our resolve to engage industry stakeholders and direct our destiny. Our legacy continues as we Live the Code.

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The Boilermaker Code

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